How can I listen to Urban Blue?
Listen to the samples on this website or contact for a free demo CD.

How much does Urban Blue cost?
Send us an email at for a quote. Please include the date and location of your function and any other relevant details.

When is payment due?
A 25% deposit will book your date, and the balance is due 14 days before the day of the engagement.

What do the musicians need?
Our musicians may have travelled long distances to reach you, so they'll require a hot meal when they arrive at the venue and soft drinks to keep up their energy levels.

As they'll be bringing electrical equipment, a power supply is also essential.

What are Urban Blue's different line-ups?
When we provide a quote we will tell you how much the different sizes of band cost so you can choose a line-up according to your requirements and budget.

Our most common combinations are:

6 - Full band with vocals, piano, sax, guitar, drums and bass.
5 - vocals, piano, bass, drums and guitar
5 - vocals, piano, bass, drums and sax
5 - sax, piano, bass, drums and guitar
4 - vocals, piano, bass + drums
4 - sax, piano, bass and drums
3 - various
2 - sax + piano
2 - piano + bass
2 - vocals + piano
1 - solo piano

If you want music for dancing, the minimum suitable is a 4 piece band (although a few of the pop songs listed do require a 5 piece band). For background jazz any combination is good. Our guitarist sings so if you book a combo with guitar included you'll have male vocals too.

How long do you play for?
We usually play for 3 x 45 minute sets or 2 x 65 minute sets over a 2 - 3 hour period. Please let me know if your requirements are different.

Do you play recorded music during your breaks?
Yes, we have a variety of playlists - from mellow or upbeat jazz and swing for earlier on in the evening through to a mix of disco classics to keep your guests dancing all night even when the bands not playing. If you prefer you are welcome to bring your own iPod playlist, or CD's - just let us know in advance.

Can you play at our wedding ceremony/drinks reception/dinner as well as providing music for the evening?
Yes, this is something we do regularly. Please email us with your requirements. You may prefer to have a smaller combo earlier in the day (i.e. a duo or jazz quartet) and have the rest of the band arrive in the evening.

Can you cater for Jewish weddings?
We're always happy to play for Jewish celebrations and we have a 10-20 minute medley of Jewish songs perfect for the wedding Hora.

How much space do you need?
Probably less than you think, approximately 5m x 4m for the full 6-piece band. We are adept at fitting into unusual spaces! A stage isn't necessary (although it's a bonus if you do have one). We can also play outside, but will need to be under cover in case of rain as our equipment is easily damaged.

How long do you take to set up?
It usually takes us about 40 minutes to set up, and we aim to arrive an hour before the performance. If you would like us to arrive earlier to set up this is usually possible but may involve a small extra 'waiting fee'.

How far do you travel?
Usually within approximately 2 hours of London. We will consider playing further away, but you may need to provide accommodation and travel expenses.

Can we come and see you live?
Nearly all of our gigs are weddings and private functions, so unfortunately it's not usually possible.

What if I have to cancel?
No problem - with enough notice we may be able to secure another booking and refund some of your deposit.

Have Urban Blue ever had to cancel?
No. If one of the band is taken ill, we have plenty of backup musicians and singers available.

What do I need to do to book?
Just fill out a booking form and send it to us with a 25% deposit by cheque or BACS payment. Email for a booking form, which includes payment details.

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